Distilled DC

Thursday / October 27 / 7:00 PM

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Distilled DC is an event for studio founders, principals, and seasoned creatives whose vision, leadership, and hard work over the years have made the DC metro area a creative hub worth celebrating all week.

The event will start with an open bar cocktail hour featuring Republic Restorative Distillery’s spirits, followed by a three-course dinner from Chef Jan Van Haute, former executive chef for the Ambassador of Belgium.

However, this evening is more than a chance to reconnect with old friends and AIGA over delicious drinks and food. It is our way of saying a lasting “thank you.” Dinner will include a generous helping of design thinking, as each table discusses how we can better facilitate ongoing knowledge sharing among the area’s most experienced creatives.

This event is invite-only, with tickets priced at $120. We will accept invitation requests starting October 6th.


Date & Time


October 27

7:00 PM

Republic Restoratives

Republic Restoratives stands for community, authenticity and most of all friendship. We believe that cocktails create community, and that you, our customers, are at the core of what we do and why we do it. Our goal is to create experiences where people feel as connected to Republic Restoratives and to our products as they do to one another.